Stops drawing

After several hours of playing this morning I think I can’t use the app at its present state any more. It stops drawing after several runs. The first time I noticed that was after running two or three examples (the one that I hit the bug was multitouch demo). There was just a black screen and nothing else. None of the code examples worked after that until I restarted the app (which is tricky with iOS5 – you have to know to open the multi-task bar and delete the icon from there, as closing and going to springboard won’t work any more).

Another visual artifact that I noticed was the “play” screen with the code pane with the “+” tab in the top left corner seeing through the background of the canvas. That’s totally odd, I know, but that’s what I kept seeing even when I told it to paint background with some color. All it showed was just a gray background with semi-transparent “+” tab (sorry, didn’t take a picture).

I’m writing these two together as they look related. You may have the canvas invisible and that would explain both bugs in a way.

Hope it helps. It’s unpleasant that I hit several critical bugs right after I purchased the app, but I’ll stick with it for a while. Hope you’ll get it straight in the upcoming versions.

Hi spyromus

Thanks for contributing all the bug reports! I’ll look into this, I have to say it’s something that did not appear in testing. I use Codify quite a lot on both an iPad 1 and iPad 2 and have not been able to re-create it personally. But I will keep trying.