Stickman ragdoll surfer

@Goatboy76 I’ve been thinking about this, the problem is the players linearVelocity is used for a few calculations and so if I were to take away the x value of the players linearVelocity the physics would be different. The way I’ve done it now is to keep the linearVelocity and set the position of the player backwards to create the illusion, I’ll see how this fairs :slight_smile:

@Luatee Sounds like you got it under control.

@Goatboy76 a bit more like this you think?

Looking really good, would be easier to play if the player was fixed on the left side of the screen, so you can see what is coming.

Could even make it so the speed automatically increases over time, so you just have to control jumping and rotating the player. Then add a score with points for backflips, frontflips, and time elapsed, and you got yourself a game! :wink:

@Crumble Thanks, I see what you mean and this is a task because the way I do it at the moment is to see how far right the player is, this works because the player moves to the right when it wants to speed up. It would be weird making it speed up and have the player at the left hand side of the screen, but I think I have a way to make it work.

Also it started off being just so the speed increases automatically over time but the fixed positioning of the player on the screen meant there wasn’t enough freedom to do tricks (which will be added in later hopefully) and I still plan to give more control to the user so they can aim to land on the down slope of a wave. Also backflips and front flips and only using parts of the board to surf will give points, I want to nail the main mechanics first!

@Luatee That looks good. Optimally you could see more of whats coming like @Crumble said.

Woah! you could make that into an app!