Status bar showing in Editor (IOS 8.3)

I upgraded to iOS 8.3 today and I noticed that Codea is now displaying the status bar when the code editor is active, and also on the title screen but only when you show either the Aircode / Asset or the Settings submenus.

It also appears on the Getting Started screen and the Codea Talk screens

@TechDojo I noticed the same thing with the editor when I updated yesterday.

If this a nuisance, and should we hold off updating?

I don’t see it as a nuisance.

What is the status bar?

The bar at the top of the screen with the wifi signal, time, battery etc. I wouldn’t make this a reason not to update also btw, it’s a little annoying when you’re switching tabs, other than that it’s ok, and you have the time and battery.

On my iPad 1, ver 1.5, the status bar is there when looking at the Codea forum, but it’s not there when using the Codea editor.

i wanna update to try it, btw is there a way make editor not check errors?

Apologies for this bug. I’m not sure what changed in iOS 8.3 to cause this. Will have it fixed in the next update.

No worries, although for anyone considering the iOS 8.3 update - please note, this version of iOS is NOT compatible with XCode 6.2, you’ll need to upgrade to XCode 6.3 which surprise surprise will only run on OSX 10.10 (Yosemite). If i’d realised this I wouldn’t have upgraded until my current app is finished grrr

Also - the latest version of iExplorer (3.7) isn’t fully compatible with iOS 8.3 hopefully a fix won’t be too far away!

@TechDojo Why don’t you update Xcode and the mac OS?

OSX 10.10 Yosemite has not received universal love from users. It seems that there are many complaints about it… Some say the best version was Snow Leopard (10.6) and it all went downhill after that.

I probably will, but like @Juce said I’m not a bit fan of Yosemite, I much prefer the look & feel of Mavericks, it’s like moving from iOS6 to iOS7.

Plus my main dev machine is also my work machine and colleagues who’ve already upgraded are regretting it. Ideally I’d like to wait for the next few minor updates to get sorted - I hate having to play unpaid beta tester for Apple.

Don’t worry, you get used to Yosemite :slight_smile:

I’m not saying you’ll like it, but you get used to it. I have yet to have any reall issues with it outside of the UI is kind of love it or hate it.

Hi All,

Just upgraded to 8.3 today and noted a few changes, split second graphics when loading main panel. Shuffling of the icons and a jittery interchange when loading a project - transition not smooth. Could be because I have an iPad2. Other thing one of my projects bombs out of Codea when I have left it for a few minutes untouched (possibly my bad coding).

Is there any way of tracing project errors when this occurs - does the system have an error log?



@Bri_G that project sounds like an out of memory error, are you able to share it with me so I can test?

Hi @Simeon,

Sorry about the delay in replying, bedridden with manflu (or so the wife calls it). You are spot on with your prediction my code repeatedly generates a sprite from an existing one and modifies it. My clean up was very poor. My new routine doesn’t seem to have the problem.

Is there any way of checking the systems allocated and free memory from Codea. I could use a routine in diagnostic mode to check during development.

Thanks for the offer - I’ll be publicising the code if and when I manage to finish it.



@Bri_G Try the line below to print memory used in Kbytes.


Hi @dave1707,

Thanks for the memory counter. Does the call clear the garbage when made or do you have to specifically clear the garbage?



@Bri_G The “count” option just gives you the memory size. See the Lua reference for the other options and what they do.