Sprite Bug

Well at first I uploaded an image of a robot. I tapped the sprite bubble and selected the robot. That worked fine. Later I tapped the sprite bubble and set it to an image of a blob. When I played the program, It still showed an image of a robot. I wrote this then went back into the editor to find that it still showed the image as Documents:Robot 2 (the robot file). I tapped it and selected the image of the blob. It drew the blob when I ran the program then. The blob was too big, so I set it to a smaller size. It seemed to be drawing the same size, but I wasn’t sure. I then set the height to 1000, but it was exactly the same. But when I exited the editor and then readjusted the size, it resized properly.
I seem to be in a bigger problem the just Codea not drawing the right image.

Are you using Aircode?

if he is, this is another problem I’ve seen with Aircode: taking a long time to update things, if it ever happens. More than once, I’ve edited a bunch of code, not seen the change in the draw loop, and refreshed the browser, only to find that the code in the project was still the old stuff.

I would suggest working directly on the iPad, using a Bluetooth keyboard. AirCode just isn’t ready for prime time quite yet, it would seem.

If you press the play button in the editor while the image picking screen is up, it won’t select anything i think. It happens with the color picker as well.

I’m not using air code and the image screen isn’t up.