Spacewar, soon to be on the App store.

@stevon8ter, excellent points my friend.

  1. It can actually handle up to 11 touches at once, but don’t tell anyone. For some reason when you get past 2 for each player then the ipad multitouch gestures starts doing things. If I could figure out how to disable them in xcode then it wouldn’t be a problem. I actually would like it to support three fingers for each player, but funny stuff happens when you get too many touches at once.

  2. A button class would be nice, by the time I thought of it I just didn’t bother.

  3. I should probably rename the ? button to Hyperspace.



if you want I could give a try at the button class and multitouch problem at the same time… It shouldn’t be that hard, and I love helping people for free :slight_smile:

@MrScience101 Oh okay Thanks!

The ‘?’ Button should probably be renamed, as I (and i’m assuming others) find a question mark synomous with help or FAQ

@stevon8ter, thank you for the offer. You are welcome to do it if you like, but for now I am burned out, so I am calling the project finished and moving on to another one.

@codeanoob, you and stevon8ter are right, I need to rename it.

Side note: This is why you put it in beta first. :slight_smile:

@MrScience101 I will give it a try as soon as I have some time

There it is. It’s free right now so no need for codes yet.

I need to add a final score, 7. And some sort of menu system to to reset the scores or something.

Codea is a really neat and easy way to publish Apps to the App Store.

@MrScience101 - Congrats!

That’s brilliant! It must feel so great to have your game on the App Store, I don’t own a mac so that’s not a possibility for me, but congrats!

is there any possibility to add AI so 1 player can play?

Simple, clean design and fun! :slight_smile:

Only tried it alone so far.

@Tyson, oddly enough it feels very expensive. I have spent about 300 on books for objective C, quickly learning that I don’t have the time to use it to make games yet. I also spent about 125 on a macbook on craigslist that works, but has funny specs on the screen and had been dropped a couple of times. I have also paid for the app developer account for soon to be three years (I need to renew soon) so that is another 300 dollars. I don’t count Codea because I got lucky in the competition and got 10 dollars, which covered the cost of it. At any rate I have probably spent close to 1000 dollars just to get two apps on the app store, sequence101 and now spacewar. It’s been fun, but expensive!

AI would be awesome, but it’s not in my future just yet. I am moving on to another project. I’ll probably put some finishing touches on this app and then close it out. You are welcome to program some AI into though if you want.

Nice work @MrScience101 ! Has the same ‘feel’ as the original coin-op. Would be nice to have other hazards like asteroids and (like the original) a sun in the middle that exerts gravity on the spaceships! Lots of potential here - are you going to continue developing it?

I think there aren’t enough good, simple, 2 player games on the App Store like this.

One small point, maybe you should change the default Codea icon and Codea splash when you launch? Never underestimate how much the design of the icon influences downloads - sad, but true!

@andymac3d, I agree about the icon. Interesting think is, in the AppStore it shows it’s custom icon.

@andymac3d, thank you for the praise. I plan on releasing one more version to fix minor bugs such as the score being endless, the icon being the default codea icon, and other minor things. Then I plan to abandon it, so feel free to modify it to your hearts content. Create your own version 2.0 and sell it on the app store if you want. It’s under the MIT license, so anyone can modify it and resell it without any problems. As for me, as soon as I release the minor updates I’ll be moving on to other projects and will abandon this one.

@JakAttak, yup I forgot to modify the default icons that are exported from the project. When I submitted it for the app store they ask for a 1024x1024 image, which is the one you see in it.