Source control

I’d pay money for versioning in the codea editor; the ability to set a checkpoint, then add code, compare versions, then roll it back or generate a patch would be dang handy. Copying projects is ugly at best.

Without this, collaboration has to happen externally to codea, on github or such.

I think @Dylan had a brief look at integrating Git directly into Codea. It’s a pretty heavy system and would be quite a lot of work.

Any versioning system we come up with ourselves would be not as good as Git, though. So it’s a bit tricky.

I am for the feature. We just need to come up with a good way to do it.

Would it be possible to integrate something like that with the network API or can’t you Access the local files?

@Simeon It’s no git, but how about syncing projects to Dropbox? That way you have rudimentary history (people can use the Dropbox web UI to grab previous versions of files), and you could potentially even edit your project with a desktop text editor and it’ll just be magically synced back to Codea for running and testing.

Plus you’ve already done at least some of the work of integrating Dropbox :slight_smile:

@frosty would love to do that, but it adds code sharing in a way that is definitely against the rules (Dropbox allows shared folders).

I don’t need as good as git (that’s a mighty tall order). I need being able to say “bookmark this exact state”’ and a way to diff between the states. That’s basically it.

What I want to do is take, oh, say battle chips, make some “bot explodes” code, then be able to cut and paste a diff between that and the original version, rather than being lame and saying “you should make the bots explode”.

I also want to say “wow, when did I break that feature”’ and run old bookmarked versions until I know where, then diff that.

I reckon something as simple as rcs would work fine for codea, given that projects have no directory structure.

@Simeon Oh, damn. They’d really pick up on that?

@Simeon Oh, damn. They'd really pick up on that?

Can’t speak for @Simeon but according to his latest roadmap post it looks to become an Apple tradition that every Codea update “Needs Additional Review Time” :frowning: