Sound FX AddOn does not work anymore


I had a Xcode / Codea 2.1 project which used an OpenAl AddOn I had found on the web and modified.
It was working very well : multiple tracks playing back sound effects at the same time, no glitches or loss of performance, etc …)

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but with the same project in the Xcode / Codea 2.3.1 environment, the sounds don’t play anymore, and it seems it is due to an error 40964 when trying to call alGenSources to generate the OpenAl output sources.
Did anything change from Codea 2.1 to 2.3.1 which could explain the OpenAl alGenSources call fails ?


If someone wants to investigate and/or benefit from the addon, I uploaded a zip containing a small project using the addon.