Something that Audio Input could be used for in the future.

In the most recent codea update the ability to use siri’s speed function was implemented. I believe that siri’s listen function won’t be far behind.
If and when we are given the ability to use data from the audio input one could, with enough coding muscle, create a crude echolocation program. The device would emit a sound with a unique pattern, and listens for a sound with that exact pattern to return. With the speed of sound and time between emission and reception (and a sensitive enough microphone), the program could create a map of the area surrounding the device.

It’s a good idea, but it can easily be misconstrued as spyware


I remember this experiment done by the US Navy where they set up a fake public charge station in an airport where it charged the phone and installed a piece of SpyWare called “Place Raider” which would take pictures periodically, and they managed to piece those photos together into 3d maps of over 100 peoples homes. (Remember, it was the US navy, so all maps were properly destroyed and so was PlaceRaider)

Kind of scary

@Archimedes - it sounds like an audio ray tracer, which would sweep out an area like a radar screen does.

I don’t think it would be anywhere near fast enough in practice, because I have played with the ray tracing feature in Codea (yes, there is a function for it), and it was barely able to sweep a 2D arc in real time, let alone 3D. Then there is the overhead of processing sound.

But it’s a nice idea!

@Ignatz what is this ray tracing feature? Not sure I’ve heard of it.