Some suggestions for future versions

Although Codea is already a great tool and I thank TTL for it, nonetheless, I think there are some aspects than can be improved.


  • Search/Replace.
  • Undo (a good one).
  • Function collapsing.
  • A faster Tab to increase indentation.
  • A Shift Tab to reduce indentation.
  • Contextual tips for the parameters of functions.
  • Contextual “Go to definition” for variables and functions.
  • Would it be possible to implement the usage of the “Delete” key for external keyboards?
  • Multiline comments colorized correctely.
  • Better organization of Project Files, maybe a menu with a list of the files.


  • Rename projects. Why not…?
  • Folders. It would be nice to be able to put different versions of a project in a folder.
  • Better documentation.


  • A step by step mode.
  • To be able to see again the debug window, after quitting the run mode.


  • I have screen corruption in the editor from time to time. It’s very frustrating. Sometimes it’s impossible to continue working. I’ve tried everything…
  • The contextual help can’t find certain key words, and then, the help system doesn’t respond anymore.
  • Codea exits sometimes when opening projects.
  • Some program errors aren’t caught by the debugger and Codea crashes.

BTW the editor does have single level undo already. The undo button is on the keyboard itself (near the left shift key).

Yes, I know, but it works… randomly.

Do you know why my first comment in this thead has been “condensed”? The carriage returns seem to have been eliminated…

Yeah the forums use markdown for formatting posts. So lines right next to each other get formed into a single paragraph.

For your list you need a blank line after “Editor:” and then put a space after the dash on each of your list items. Once you do then it will correctly format it as a list.

I would love to see the following:

Better organization of Project Files: Working on my most recent project, I probably have about 25 or so Lua files in it, which makes it difficult to navigate.

Allow opening of an in-app browser using openURL()

Eventual integration of the iOS Cocoa Touch frameworks (buttons, sliders, etc)

Eventual integration of the iPad’s sensors and other hardware (Camera, Mic, GPS, etc)

Hi All,

I like the Codea editor, there’s something a bit different and geeky about it. However I have raised the filing of projects and a debuging system in the past (modal portable widow).

The thought suddenly struck me, and I know that most people would dismiss this straight away, but would it be possible to integrate an external editor into the system - my favourite is Textastic. Either built in, but more likely a link system which enables hidden transfer of files into a buffered zone within Codea where the file is compiled/run.

That would meet most peoples need for the editing/management facilities - easy transfer of files and take pressure of the development staff to enable the meatier side of Codea development.

Having the option would possibly make Codea open to different markets/developers than the current scope.

Anyone any ideas on this subject?



I forgot to mention the ability to disable auto-sleep on the device.

@Bri_G Using an external editor and then using “Send To” would be the easiest way of doing that… sadly it isn’t allowed by Apple for programming environments.

So Codea would need to license another editor to integrate directly.

I personally just use Textastic (which I use as well) and copy all and then paste (and o course the multi-touch gestures of app switching). Which isn’t that hard really

Tanks, @JockM, I edited the lists like you said. Looks a lot better.

Much better! Vanilla (the forum software TLL is using) seems reasonably nice, but it would be lovely it if told you that it was using markdown… and maybe provide some help.

BTW there is “Goto Definition” for functions now (but not for variables). It is the button with a list and an arrow.

I recently bought Textastic and saw that TextExpander is a compatible add-on to it and would like to see Codea somehow implement it as well. Shortcuts to coding is always a good thing in my book.

You’re right, @JockM, but that button shows all the functions. I’d like a contextual one that jumps to the definition of the the function/variable/class “under” the cursor.