Some Help Wanted

could someone give me a simple code (and explanation) on how to draw lines with normal gravity physics. This would be appreciated

@MickeyFudge - please keep all your questions for each project in one thread, rather than starting a new thread for each question.

Also, you are likely to get more help if you make an effort to write the code yourself. Saying “I want this, give me the code (and make it simple, and explain it)” is irritating.

If you are just beginning programming, you don’t know enough to make a game, and you are wasting our time with these questions. You should try to learn something about Codea first, from the tutorials and examples in the wiki link above. Programming is difficult, even with Codea, and takes time to learn.

Ok sorry I will! I’m new with the question asking :-?

@MickeyFudge What do you mean by “draw lines with normal gravity physics”. I’m not sure what you’re asking.