So, is it official that Codea v.1.3 won't have project sharing?

So, is it official that Codea v.1.3 won’t have project sharing (through email) as in v.1.2.5?

I’m very excited to have all the great news about new features in the upcoming Codea update. But, having the mighty Codea without project sharing is like you get a static bicycle while what you really want is a regular bicycle. Yes, it has everything a regular bicycle has, including the wheels etc. and you can also exercise and have fun with it, EXCEPT it can’t get you anywhere. It just stucks somewhere in the corner of your room. Alone. sigh :frowning:

Doesn’t look like it as Apple still hasn’t got back to me. I keep calling though.

It will have far more sharing features (video and images). But not code, and until I can speak with them we are kind of stuck.

Darn you apple. Do you think apple would allow a Codea gallery where you can kick off projects that do harm to the iPad?

Not an online one. We could certainly add that, but users would have to send to us, and we would have to include them in an App update.

An app such Codea which one of its main purpose is for code prototyping and brainstorming, project sharing is a key -a must have- feature. At least by some of its (prospective) users.

Remember when I took promo codes for my friends? Actually, I had promoted Codea to them long before. And they prefer Codea over other coding apps (some of them are Coders app users) because of the features, especially the editor. But as they knew that Codea didn’t have project sharing, they decided to postpone their purchase until Codea offers project sharing feature. When Codea v1.2.5 was out, they got it for free because of the promo code. :slight_smile:

Does Coders still have file sharing? Because Apple will ask them to remove it as well, it’s not up to us.

What’s wrong with a .codeaviewer? It’s encoded and unreadable except by the viewer.

I understand that Apple is the problem, not 2LL. Coders seems still have the project sharing through email. They haven’t update the app for a while though. But the last beta from a few weeks ago still has it.

It’s probably the case that Apple hasn’t discovered it. I hope they manage to keep it in for as long as they can, though.

I'm very excited to have all the great news about new features in the upcoming Codea update. But, having the mighty Codea without project sharing is like you get a static bicycle while what you really want is a regular bicycle. Yes, it has everything a regular bicycle has, including the wheels etc. and you can also exercise and have fun with it, EXCEPT it can't get you anywhere. It just stucks somewhere in the corner of your room. Alone.

Dear Bee… aren’t you over exaggerating the static aspect of your metaphor a wee bit? I mean come on… we still have sharing through cut and paste and, more importantly, we still have community members happy to demonstrate their code.

One might think of the removed feature as a simplifying convenience… an automatic shift compared to a standard shift…

In terms of getting somewhere… concentrating on what we can’t have or do (at the moment) isn’t the best road to happiness.

(My two Sunday morning eurocents)

I don’t think Bee’s far off. It’s worse because we had it, got used to it, and lost it.

I would say it’s more like paying for a regular bicycle, getting used to the mobility - and having someone turn it into a stationary bicycle, against your wishes, because you might ride that bicycle someplace they don’t want you to, maybe.

The inconvenience is only a part of the problem. The real irritation is that Apple’s restriction harms EVERYONE but Apple, and I suspect in the long run harms even them, for a number of reasons - and is not being done for our good, or TLLs.

I’m jailbroken. I can copy files to and from my iPad, wirelessly - it would be trivial for me to zip up a project and send it to another jailbroken friend, and vice versa. And even then it’s not good, because sharing 1 to 1 is nothing compared to the community. I want to write code of a scope and size that cut and paste is impractical (Notably - with cut and paste, any data in project persistent storage is not transferable), and share it with everyone - and I simply can’t.

And I would add that accepting the situation isn’t going to fix it. I’m good, for now, with waiting on Apple and TLL and the appeal process (it really hasn’t been all that long). But in the long run - I will share my code, and there will be a way to get it onto other iPads that’s better than hand cutting-and-pasting. I hope very much Apple is part of that scenario rather than an obstacle to it.

iExplorer is not a bad solution for dropping projects into Codea. It’s not as convenient as grabbing them off the net but if people get their projects off using iExplorer, zip them up and share them, it’s pretty easy to transfer large projects.

Bortels got it right. :slight_smile: Convinience is not something as simple as it looks. In fact, that is the main reason why many people love Apple’s products. Including me. The user experience of them is great. Einstein said making complicated thing become simple took genius(es).

Of course, in this case we should accept the feature removal, because there are almost nothing we can do. Of course, there’s always a way to any problems. Though only one/few of them is/are the best way. Of course, we can move a stationary bicyle from one place to another. But, is it convinience? :slight_smile:

I know iExplorer could be helpful and not that difficult to use it. It just requires a PC/Mac. To me, it’s not a solution. Because there are times when I don’t have or want a PC just to transfer some simple files from the net into my iPad. I could even transfer a file from my Blackberry onto my iPad without a PC (through email). C’mon… we’re living on the 21st century. :slight_smile:

Just an addendum, because it bothers me…

If .codea sharing had been being abused - perhaps people were starting a store to compete with the App store, or perhaps some sort of trojans or phishing or such was going on (although I’m hard pressed to figure out how that would happen even with .codea file downloading; we’re pretty well sandboxed) - I’d look at it differently; I understand Apple’s desire to keep a good user experience.

The problem I have is that they killed the functionality based on what they feared might happen - they are, in effect, punishing all of their users, the overwhelming majority of which wouldn’t cause any problems, because of a fear of what some users might do - even though nobody’s done any of it. This is the fatal flaw of DRM in general - for the good of the vendor (who already HAS your money), it punishes legitimate buyers - while leaving those willing to not play by the rules (ie. willing to jailbreak and break the DRM) unaffected, or at least less harmed. The removal of .codea didn’t stop people from hacking the ipad or setting up an alternative App store - google for “Cydia” if you don’t believe me. Nor has the alternative hurt Apple’s business in any way, shape or form.

The only people DRM hurts is us.

And Bee hits on another important point - part of why we’re using Codea is that we don’t want to be tied down to a desktop host. To have to go to one to share files easily kinda defeats the purpose.

It doesn’t bother me that much. I like sharing a lot. But I wrote Codea to make things. I often write code that I just throw away to test an idea. And Codea really achieved that for me. To me that will always be its main purpose: exploring your ideas.

I don’t really need to share “on the go”. Lately I’ve just been importing projects by dropping the .codea folder on the device, because the only time I actually want to check out other projects is when I’m sitting at my desktop. I know not everyone will use Codea like this, but that’s just how I use it.

Edit: that’s not to say I won’t keep calling Apple every second day about this. I keep leaving voice mails. Maybe some day the app reviewer will call back.

Worth adding - as strident as I am above, I’m comfortable waiting to see how the appeals process plays out, and I accept Apple’s slow response (without perhaps being happy about it). I do hope it’s because they’re having furious internal debate about this, rather than someone being asleep at the wheel, but whatever.

I would go so far as to say any coding environment where the only means of getting data into the system is either typing it by hand or cut and paste is crippled. That’s not to say it can’t be useful - it’s just to say that there’s no point in anyone pretending it’s desirable, or acceptable for no good reason.

@Bortels: fortunately that’s not the only way, as there are tools like iExplorer.

it’s the only way in the environment I use the ipad in 90% of the time (which includes my work, where the wireless network and the wired network aren’t bridged for security reasons) - again, the key draw of Codea on the ipad is mobility, it’s a computing environment I can take with me. If I’m going to be shackled to my desktop, I can code on my desktop. iExplorer (or rsync and jailbreak) require a host system. At least the rsync and jailbreak only require proximity and not a physical tether…

 it's just to say that there's no point in anyone pretending it's desirable, or acceptable for no good reason.

Objection Mr. Bortels! I can think of several good reasons why it might be desirable to do things slowly and/or by hand – and I assume, if the strident setting was turned down a bit – so could you.

@Bortels: True. I think it’s just differences in why we code. I mostly code for myself, so the sharing has never had that much importance in my mind. It’s like a private sketchbook, all those drawings that you never show anyone, or throw out once you’ve gotten what you need from them. I appreciate that many others don’t feel this way about code.