Simple scene selecter/state machine

Do it!

@Briarfox. I thought about doing a comic (tintin) using scene selecter you made :-?

I have an ipad 1 but do most of my coding on the ipad 4. Like you I have found the ipad1 tends to crash more when using codea.

@Dave1707 for your info i cant copy from safari too. I long press the icon but nothing happens… I tried it from Mercury too: same. But i just dwnloaded it from CC with no crash! (first time it works ever for me with no crash!)

Wow! I tried your ‘rotate the ipad’ trick and it works! As i am always in panorama, i have to go in portrait, then back to panorama, and NOW the icon can be selected and the copy button appears! Quite weird!
@Toffer: if you cant solve it, why not just making a ‘normal’ button to get the code? After all, the tab buttons work well, so it it possible to make working buttons for the ipad1?

Updated to allow for persistent instances of scenes.