Simple HighScore tracker for the Codea Holiday Cook Off! Merry Christmas!

This is a very basic HighScore tracker that stores the info on the DB for some fun competitive high score tracking.
This can easily be faked but I trust the majority of us codea users are honest. Server side is written in lua (excuse to play with it). This is on a personal server so I cannot guarantee the uptime.

To use it:

    --ScoreTracker(project,success callback, fail callback)
    --s.results holds the returned results in a table. I'd recommend calling it in the success function.
    s = ScoreTracker("Unique project name",Success callback, fail callback)
    --This will create a new entry
    s:submit("test user","thier score","extra data 1","extra data 2", "extra data 3")
    --This returns the top scores


This allows you to update high scores across all users in real time, as you play

It can be found on CC

@Briarfox Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for letting us use some of your web space! :slight_smile: