Simple "File Manager" Class for Codea

I needed a simple file save/load class in order to finish my level generator tutorial so I decided to build a generic class that I could re-use.

This class is a mash up of the MenuBar class from @dave1707 and the ListScroll class written by @sanit. Thanks to both for sharing.

I will post the code for the File Manager class over the next couple of days but in the meantime the following is a quick video of the class in action. Only the delete file menu item is functional at this stage (if you watch the video careful you can see me deleting a file). This is a bit dangerous as it stands, as no confirmation is required before the file is deleted, so use with care. A back up prior to playing with this class is probably a good idea.

And by files I am of course referring to the key/value pairs in the associated plist.


Hi @Connorbot999 - I’m just writing up the tute. Should be out on the weekend.

.@Reefwing I know you’re busy with other stuff, but what about the tutorial on iAds? Definitely want to use those in my next 2 apps

.@veeeralp - yep I have a backlog of tutes I want to write. On the list is:

  1. Codea File Handling
  2. iAds
  3. Universal Apps
  4. iAP
  5. Simple 3D
  6. Meshes
  7. Finish off my Tower Defence game using the A* pathfinding
  8. Finish off SpaceWars! using physics gravity
  9. More on Physics
  10. Anything else?

If there are areas that folks want me to prioritise I’m happy to take that into account.

Yes. I was waiting for Universal Aps. What about game center and music for your game through xcode? Those seem good.

Game Centre as well. Music is easy.

Hi @Reefwing , i would really apreciate some tuto on codea possible way to handle files: types. Input - output function etc… I don’t know from the lua io library what is implemented and what is not, or at least it is unclear to me. So +1 on topic #1.

This is amazing! Congradulations!

Thanks Guys - ok I will finish off the file io stuff (it sounds like the latest version of Codea will expose the Lua io functions which is handy) and then look at universal apps and iAds.

The code has been posted for this and I have written a brief tutorial on the use of this class over at: