simple ball paddle example

@ScottDafydd - no offence taken. Your attitude is very welcome.

I felt the same way when I started, which led to all the stuff I’ve shared. If you’d like to do something along the lines of your suggestions, I’m sure others as well as myself would help.

@Ignatz I would love to, and I’m a fast learner, but not that fast! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely keep it on a back burner though…

@ScottDafydd foggy bummer uses a single sprite sheet which you need to download then point to. Are you able to download and store the spritesheet?

Another thing is that I’ve had very little feedback on my step by step tutorials - I don’t know if they are useful to anyone so not sure if they are pitched at the right level (lander, snake and asteroids). I also have a side scroller/jumper but don’t think I ever finished it and posted it.

Hi @West thanks for commenting. I put the file in my Dropbox folder and pointed the relevant line but this was last week before Codea/Lua had really started to click. I took another look yesterday but was still only displaying empty meshes (I think) and still couldn’t see what I was doing wrong unfortunately. Any suggestions would definitely be appreciated. I would also be happy to try out the three tutorials if you liked and give you some feedback.

Apologies to @Dave1707 if I’ve hijacked your discussion. Should I move this to a new one? I’m not particularly au fait with forum etiquette I’m afraid!

@dave1707 - I suggest you copy your game to the 50 line challenge thread, which I hope will be kept alive

@ScottDafydd No problem with the hijacking. I’m sure I did the same thing to someone else. The whole point of the forum is to get different opinions of things also. @Ignatz I guess I could move it to the 50 lines, but I think I’ll try something different also.

@West ok, so I took another look at foggy bummer but still couldn’t get the spritesheets to work and, for some reason, about 2/3 of the screen was covered by a white rectangle - the only portion of the spritesheets that was showing up, I believe! So I went through the code and replaced any reference to the spritesheet to one of the stock codea sprites (mostly the platformer collection) and, lo and behold, I can now see what’s going on :slight_smile:

Looks great… You should have put it on the App Store before Flappy Bird got there! :wink:

Anyway, I’m going to take a closer look over the next few days to try and learn more about side scrollers. Thanks for posting and I’ll report back if anything interesting comes from it.

way cool paddle example! And under 50 lines!

Fun fact about Flappy Bird: It was released way back in 2012 and got no notice, but in September 2013 the dev updated it with a new IOS 7 icon, and all of a sudden it was #1

@ScottDafydd it sounds like the sprite sheet isn’t being loaded.

Try this

function setup()
    print("Testing foggy bummer sprite sheet loading")

function draw()
    background(40, 40, 50)

If it comes up blank click on the sprite command and select the spritesheet from the location you downloaded it to. You may need to sync Dropbox to get it to appear.

I thought the three tutorials were on the wiki but it appears only asteroids is. I’ll look to update the wiki.

Meanwhile, here is the link to github for all three of the tutorials: