Simple Actions ( Work Is In Progress )

Here is a link, that includes a boalen and a button class. The TextBox wasn’t made by me. There is a ful set [Currently not] of classes to edit yours

• Moving
• You can see true or false
• You can edit them in the script:

if boalen1 == true then
       boalen1 = false
       boalen1 = true

Or this:

-- b1 is the value that you need
b1 = Boalen(500, 500, true)
-- here is the example
if b1 == true then
       alert("b1 is true")
       alert("b1 is false")


Isn't made by me. I don't tell.

• Edit by me and made easier
• Clicked only if you leave your finger ( touch.state == ENDED )

Work In Progress
• Buttons: OK, CANCEL
• Texts: Head, Subtile, Body
• Graphic: No RoundRects
• The cancel button is red.
• If I will have then more ideas, I will make them

Suggest ideas please!

With full respect, aren’t you an AI? Greetings from Mexico :smiley:

No, I am russian

And I have problems with the alert

All right! I’ll see if I can help you…

@TokOut - please, please, please stop making new threads for the same project.

@quezadav, so you can make the alert look?
• 2 Texts (Button): “OK”, “Dismiss”; the Dismiss Text in Red
Thank you, because I have big problems!
EDIT: Use the link to see my github

Hello UPDATED: I started to make a simple chat
• Groups
• Commands with the slash-prefix (“/”)
• Clearchat
• Adminstration is seen yellow, moderation is purple, beta are blue, being normal is white, being a guest are green
• Bad words replaced
• By Spaming you get banned (grey)
—— Need help, please suggest minis

Yep, he/she/it was an “strange kind of intelligence” :))

Hello, it’s me again! And I fastly need help, @ … everyone, I don’t know how to create a chat, that the text will be next line, is there any way, to create text next line

The text - valua is called


If you look in one of the many other threads you started on this topic, I told you various ways of splitting text across lines:

@yojimbo2000, I am already bored, close this topic;
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