Side scrolling platformer level test.

Found a great tutorial for making a platformer in Love2d. He does such a great job of explaining everything I was able to easily adapt it for codea. Of course the one “gotcha” is codea being bottom left origin and love2d being top left origin.

One thing missing from the tutorial that I wish he would have covered was sloped tiles. I attempted to add sloped tiles on my own but just couldn’t get it working correctly so I removed it.

Here is the result.

Wow that helped a lot, thanks for the share

@Reyals123 Sloped tiles, there you go


tnx for the share think i will learn quite a bit from this ;3

im trying to recreate it into codea will post as soon i finish it but i might come across problems as im not that skilled :3

thanks for the link! That’s one that I hadn’t found in my searching