Sharing a Project

Is there any plan to put the mail your project back in in version 1.5, since other apps now do this?
As noted below, it was a feature that was previously available but removed.

Sharing functionality was removed as of version 1.2.7 at the request of Apple. We hope to have it back in as soon as possible. Previously you were able to touch and hold one of your projects to send it by email. And could open projects by tapping “project.codea” files in your browser or in Mail.

Have you tried the ‘long press’ on a project? Then you can copy the text and mail it if you want. And when you receive the mail, you can copy the text and paste it in a project by long press on “+”. It is not ‘1 click’ but ‘2 clicks’, so its preaty close to the target.

.@MrCoxall I am pretty sure project sharing would still be against Apple’s policy. Which other apps do this?

Look at:
Cato’s Hike: A Programming and Logic Odyssey

You can email your solution (i.e. your program) to others.
It sends a *.prog file.
You can then import it right back into the program.

Hopefully Apple would let you do the same.

Hi! This could be great. AppCraft for example, you can download a custom extension and open with it. Also TechBasic you can use iTunes and things.

In Paragraf you can send mail glsl-shaders from the app an open them on another device. But that might be because of the loop hole that glsl shaders are included in the sdk? Project sharing would be nice, but the current copy/paste for whole projects is quite ok.

Looks like the long-press of + doesn’t work anymore…just tried in on 1.4.6 and it didn’t grab my clipboard data. Pasted after the project opened the template, and code was there.

.@aciolino actually long press of ‘+’ should work, but the data in the clipboard needs to be in the correct “format” (that is, have delineators for each tab in the form of --# TabName).

If it’s just random code, then the past option won’t show up as it won’t know how to separate the tabs.