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Huh… This thread is becoming disappointing. I was way more interested in @matkatmusic 's breezier situation than mr. @LoopSpace 's aggression towards perticular fps tracking technique. Fortunately enough @dave1707 @Jmv38 and @Ignatz always have genius-style code-nuggets to share for us humble beginners.

I put FPS + memory used+other app specific info just to right of CODEA controls in lower left of screen.
I suggest replacing FPS number with a small bar graph showing number of times fps is in ranges of interest since start of run or start of a slow process.

¡Don’t forget to keep drawing during long slow processes so user doesn’t think your program has died!

For each fps measure, add one to appropriate index of range array and to maximum,
for i=1,#array do
graph array[i]/maximum

And Bob’s your uncle!


Back to Bezier:
Step size related to size of pixel on screen.
No use calculating what you cannot draw!

@codingonnapkins can you show how you did the FPS + memory etc with some code snippets? seems like it would be a pretty good library.

The new FPS topic is here:

The comments give the reasons for why we care about Frames Per Second and a quick tool that will tell you if more detailed study is needed: