Share app privately

Is it possible to share an app privately? That is, without using the app store? I would assume Xcode is still required, but is the developer account?


This is something I’d like to know too. In the Codea roadmap thread it’s mentioned that the “share project” feature was removed after a notification from Apple. I’m not sure what that means and I would like to know more about it…

If you want to make a stand-alone app for the iPad, you need a developer account (as far as I understand it), even for your own device. If you give your code to someone who also has Codea, you can of course simply give the source code away.

Apple considers code harmful and doesn’t want you to distribute code a lot without their knowledge. At least that’s what I think why they make it so awfully difficult.

if you want to share an app outside of codea you have to build and sign it with xcode. you could then officially distribute it only via appstore. but with the developer account you are able to name 100 devices to shareit without the appstore. officially this is only allowed in the same company or for beta testing.

So networked gaming just betwixt local Ipads (without using any kind of internet/mobile wifi connection) with code shared on these forums is not allowed?

My take is and correct me if I’m wrong, that there’s a desire to turn the ipad into an alternative gaming experience similar to Nintendo’s DSes by allowing wireless ipad to ipad gameplay. That is you’d be networked sans bluetooth with the only other person (or persons) that happen to be nearby in the same room.

This would of course be in addition to the code syntax currently available for true nonlocal networked gaming.

You can use testflight app, I’ve just mentioned it in my recent discussion here:

@kyuoibi, using blue tooth is not forbidden, but i think you cant use it with codea.

@juaxix, testflight is great for organizing beta tests, but you still need to use your contingent of 100 devices in your developers account, dont you?