Shader question/missing features?

So I’ve been working through a OpenGL ES 2.0 book and there’s a couple of intrigueing things I’ve gone past so far which I don’t think are available in codea, are they there and I’m just not getting it right? If not, are there any plans for them in the future?

  1. Point Sprites - I guess this could be a mesh with any number of vertexes and then the texture is the point sprite image?

  2. Cube Maps - I tried to put a uniform samplerCube in a fragment shader and it just went bang and crashed out of codea…

Multipass shaders are also missing.

.@aciolino you can do multipass shaders. You have to render the output of one shader into a texture, and then use that texture as input into another shader. This is the normal way to do multipass shaders.