Shade-Pro Shader Editor v 1.0.5 (21)

Shade version 1.0.5 (21) is now available for testing.

@Simeon When I open a shader and tap the name in the upper right corner to get the drop down menu, if I select fullscreen, I get a pop up that says Error occurred unable to delete close. Same goes when group is selected.

I didn’t read all the change log or updates, so if this was mentioned, then ignore it.

@Simeon I created a shader and received a pop up message saying there was an error and try closing and reopening the shader. When I opened the shader, same error. There wasn’t a way out except to delete the shader. Is there a way to open the shader without running it so the last thing that was added could be removed instead of deleting the whole shader. This was just a small shader. If it was a complicated shader that took a long time to create, the user might be mad. I don’t remember what I added last to cause the error.

Thanks @dave1707. The fullscreen button is currently non-functional, the error though is definitely not supposed to happen (probably there to remind us to implement it).
As for the broken shade, please send any of those to me and I’ll see what’s causing the issue internally. I would certainly like to allow users to potentially remove whatever is causing the error, but since we don’t know what causes it (until the bug is fixed) we can’t actually run the graph.
The only thing I could think of is perhaps some kind of versioning and rollback (like we keep a copy of the last graph that still worked and have the option to roll back if the error keeps happening).

@John - couple of old shaders throw immediate errors out when loaded. Do you want images? You may have seen them before on the previous Shade version.

@John I was able to reproduce the error that I mentioned above. It was taking Scene Color and running it into Offset. I was just going down the list to see what would happen and when I tried Offset, it came up with the error. That’s something you probably wouldn’t do, but I was just messing around.

@John - loaded Shade, tried a few options then tried to start a new shader.Typed in a new name but the text wasn’t visible although the cursor moved with each input. I’m talking about in the input field - the auto correct options reflected the typing I had done, will try to reproduce.

Images earlier errors attached.

Update - if you just type the invisible text in you do get a new shader named New Shader … with the text you typed in appended.

I’m on iPadOS on an iPad Pro.

@John - reference - Table of Contents - the list of links(shortcuts) in blue are selectable but don’t jump to the requested content.

@John - loaded a number of shaders from previous version, worked OK. Then opened reference section and tapped on preview - came up with an error - unable to present Shader properties. On pressing close on error window drops out of shader onto drive files.

Didn’t check but are we supposed to ‘upgrade’ to pro version before testing?

@Bri_G In the TestFlight What to Test list, at the bottom is Known Issues. In there they say that the name for a new shader doesn’t show. You have to backspace until the cursor doesn’t move anymore then enter a name. I upgraded to the Pro Version, but I think the only difference is the Pro version is for exports which I don’t care about.

@dave1707 I think the text might be invisible due to some kind of styling issue causing the text to be white. I’ll have to ask @simeon since that is his department. Send me any broken shaders and I’ll check them out. Export as zip should be the best option.

I’ll check out whats going on with the Scene Color node when being plugged into Offset.

@John - the two shaders I had errors with run fine now, the errors that I reported came up when I first loaded Shade in the non-pro version. Since then upgraded to pro and re-opened Shade - no problems.

Is there a difference between startup states in non-pro and pro?

Could you flag up which mode Shade is in Pro versus non-Pro by removing the upgrade menu option and adding a Version Pro/nonPro … number. That way we can be sure what situation we are reporting?

@John - could not delete Noise 3D node once placed on screen.

@Bri_G I had trouble deleting it also. Try double tapping on it to get a yellow outline around it then try deleting it. That eventually worked for me.

@dave1707 - thanks that worked, tried a few other nodes needed same procedure to delete. I need to use it more, you forget the options available.

Hmm that’s odd. The pro version should be identical when inside the actual editor. Which delete method are you using (context, menu or keyboard shortcut)? Can you maybe record a video of it failing to delete a node?

For now, you can tell if you are in Pro mode if you have access to the dark Shade icon in the upgrade menu.

@John If you long press on a node, a pop up will show with options. If you tap Delete, nothing happens. If you double tap the node so it’s selected, then when you long press for the pop up, the delete works.

@dave1707 I see. It might be a bug I’ve introduced with multi-selection. I have a bad habit of using my iPad Pro keyboard for everything and sometimes miss issues with pure touch-based interaction.

@John - not sure what you mean. When I upgraded it gave me a choice of icons. On choosing the Pro icon it changes the icon on the App but I can see no dark mode in the menu. On the file page there is a new icon at the top of the page which gives access to the settings menu. Is that what you are referring to?

@Bri_G, the choice of icons is a pro feature, there isn’t a dark mode, I just called it the dark icon because its black.