Shade + Codea

A few issues/thoughts/frustrations I’ve had the last day or so. Some have been mentioned in other posts, others I’m not so sure.

  1. Exiting a project causes my audio to go from my headphones to the speakers (even with headphones still plugged in!)
  2. Shader created in Shade not looking the same when brought in as a material in Codea (see ‘Wireframe, revisited’ post)
  3. I would like a way to quickly go back and forth between Shade and Codea, tweaking a shader. This is so I could try to debug the wireframe issue above. Any suggestions? I prefer to have my Codea projects in the Working Copy folder (for versioning). From within Working Copy, I can see my project assets, including any .shader folders…but using Open In Shade doesn’t work. Perhaps from within Codea it would be nice to point to shader assets in the Shade folder directly…other ideas?
  4. In general, a tighter integration between Shade and Codea would be great. From Codea, an option to ‘Edit in Shade’ would be nice when working with a shader. Also, right now, Codea menus still go to the older GLSL shader stuff.

I am not super deep in shader dev, but I’d like to get a better handle on all this. Right now, I’m not sure what a smooth workflow looks like when trying to work with both Shade and Codea, nor am I sure how to debug why the wireframe isn’t coming nicely into Codea.

I also realize that @Simeon and @John are reworking quite a bit of Codea (based on their Twitter feeds), so I can be patient! Some news on what’s in the works and when maybe some of the new work will be rolled out, would be exciting to hear.


@brianolive sorry about (1). I’ve been thinking about removing the mic library over this behaviour. It’s due to the need for Codea and Shade to register themselves as capable of simultaneous playback and recording of audio, which causes hiccups with the audio system in iOS.

  1. I’ll see if I can get @john’s input on this one

3 & 4 form some good suggestions for how we can improve Shade <-> Codea interaction. I’d love to get some sort of live updating in, like being able to use a live Codea project as the preview for Shade.

@Simeon I don’t think the mic library should be removed because of a minor problem.

@dave1707 yeah I’d like to keep it, it’s unfortunate the way I integrated it though.