Setcontext(img) + img:get(x,y) bug?

It seems that when i try to get and set pixel values of an image img while setcontext(img), there is a problem. I can’debug it because print(img:get(x,y) ) then just freezes codea. I have to kill the app and restart twice then. If i do img:get(x,y) after setcontext() then it works fine. Is this known? Is this a bug? Maybe there should be a warning in the doc? Regards.

It’s definitely a bug that this freezes Codea, but it shouldn’t be possible to use img:get(x,y) while inside setContext() — we should make Codea print an error when this is attempted.

Ok. Thanks for the answer.

If you could add this bug to the issue tracker, as well as a very small code snippet that shows how img:get(x,y) can freeze Codea, it would be appreciated.

.@simeon hem… I wrote a very short project to prove the problem and… everything works??? So either is not reproducible, either it is some bug on my side in my bigger project. I’ll check later, and file a bug once i can post the code.