sending data from app to X through wifi/3g automatically

Hello everybody,

I am working on a survey.

I did a quick search to see if there was any methods of sending data from my app to a location like my dropbox or email (or anywhere really where I have access), but can only find things above my knowledge level. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice/direction on how to do this , I am looking for the simplest way to do this…

The data would be sent automatically through wifi or 3g after a certain point in the app, we are talking small packets of data (less than 100kb CSV file for example). This data will be used for survey research, so it will need to be to a secure location.

If there are any questions please feel free to reply me. Thanks in advance.

I think the easiest is to send it to a web server with http.request. They are quite easy to set up.

Okay will check that out cheers

Its relatively easy to send and receive data from Codea to Dropbox (have a search for a number of threads on here!)

If you want something a bit simpler you could try a simple internet messaging protocol like - basically, its Twitter for ‘The Internet of Things’.

You can easily send simple sets of data (encoded in JSON form) from Codea to the Dweet server and then interrogate them elsewhere. You can also pay a subscription to a ‘secure’ version where your Dweets aren’t public.

I’ve used it a bit with Codea to interrogate and visualise data being broadcast from some of my Arduino projects - works a treat and is easy to set-up.

Cheers… :smiley:

@andymac3d Cool I’ll keep your method in mind, im going to try http first though.

@ignatz Hello ignatz Ive decided I want to tackle the php server http.requests POST method defined on this here:

It seems this will be very useful for what I will do in the future, so may as well get it over with and learn it now.

Now I understand I must have a PHP server set up for this to work, and I intend to use amazon s3 for this.

I’ve read your blog on the http stuff, and looked at this forum, do you know of any other good sources of info that has documented this approach of sending data and images to a server?