Selling Apps Risk?

I am getting ready to start selling my first app on the app store. I was hoping to get some guidance from those who have gone before me on the best way to do it?

  1. How do you make it so you don’t have your name listed? If I start an LLC with me being the only person, I can’t get a DUNS number. Can I still use a name other than my own?
  2. What are the risks? I will probably never make more than a few dollars off these apps, I don’t want to lose my house over it.


Dunno about 1.

For 2 make sure you tell the taxman (well if you are in the UK - not sure the deal in other countries). Aside from the yearly developers license you may not need any other outlays.

@MrScience101 I wrote to apple about 1) and they told me to set up an LLC saying I could be the only person but to do this to be able to have a registered name. They don’t like fiction!

How come you can’t get a DUNS number? But no, you have to have a DUNS number to make an LLC. And there is not other option to hide your name.
As for #2, games are not the market to be a part of now and days. The chances of getting recognized are very slim, but it is much more fun than software development (in most cases).

I went to register as an LLC, and they had a sole proprietor/single person business option.

On apples website it says:

I’m a sole proprietor/single person business. Can I enroll as a company/organization?

No. However, you can enroll as an individual, in which case a D-U-N-S Number is not required.

I think I just misunderstood. I think if I register as an LLC as something other than a sole proprietor/single person I could probably get a duns number

I’m a single man person in my company, and I’m under 18. It shouldn’t be a problem.

@MrScience101 I’m hopefully going to get my LLC set up today (well the start of it) if I run in to any problems I’ll share them here