Search pane won’t scroll

When I use Discussion Search here, the search results window pops up but often will not scroll. Instead the window underneath scrolls. Fiddling, tapping, and such sort of frees up the scrolling a bit but not much. Advise me please.

@RonJeffries There isn’t much that can be done. I don’t think TLL has control over how the forum works. You just have to be careful where you touch the screen. I’ve run into that problem several times and find it annoying, but I just put up with it.

Yeah sorry about this. We originally used the built-in Vanilla forums search, but it wasn’t great. So I added a custom Google search, which has a terrible iOS UI but much better results.

Yes. When I can I use the forum on my Mac, but I can’t carry it with me all the time. :slight_smile: