Scrolling issue in Codea

I’d like to point out a bug in Codea where, after running/testing an app’s code, I cannot scroll back up the screen and manage my classes. I have to hide the keyboard and press the “X” at the bottom left of the screen to exit the code and then reload the code in order to have complete functionality again. This isn’t that much of a problem, but it’s gotten to the point where this happens nearly every time I run my code and I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem?

Sorry about this bug @Staples — it’s fixed in the next version. Just making sure it builds with iOS 8 before we go through testing.

@Staples just press the enter key until there are about 20-30 lines then you can scroll up

@Simeon It’s fine, not a big problem, but glad to know that it’s fixed in the next version! @Coder thanks I’ll try that!

@Staples As i code with a bluetooth keyboard i just CMD-N to create a new tab then i cancel it which brings the bar back up, if you have a keyboard you could use this temporary fix.