Scene:update doesn't seem to pass the dt parameter to added objects

Added a simple mover class to the Cameras example in Learn Codea, and added an instance with entity.add. The mover update is called but dt is nil. I had to use DeltaTime directly to do my moving:

RonMover = class()

function RonMover:init(entity)
    self.entity = entity
    self.speed = 1

function RonMover:update(dt)
    -- print(dt)
    local x = self.entity.x
    if math.abs(x) >= 2 then self.speed = -self.speed end
    x = x + self.speed*DeltaTime -- dt is coming back nil FSR
    self.entity.x = x

And in the existing code, I added the add line below:

    myEntity = scene:entity()
    myEntity.model = craft.model("Blocky Characters:Orc")
    myEntity.y = -1
    myEntity.z = 0
    myEntity.scale = vec3(1,1,1) / 8
    myEntity.eulerAngles = vec3(0, 180, 0)

The print in update prints nil always.

Whazzup? Thanks!