Saving screen Image

I am currently coding a painting app. Is there any way to save the screen image in code, so that it will be available to other apps on my ipad to use?

Do the drawing in an image with setContext(img). Save it in documents folder.
Then copy it and paste it in any other app (thank you Mr Jailbreak).
Synchronize your codea folder with your dropbox account. Inport back the image from your dropbox to your camera roll. Share with other apps.

Hi Jmv38
I have manage to save a screen image to my dropbox account.
using setContext() and the saveImage() commands, however the output is only visible in dropbox when I am in codea.

Hi mumtaz. Have you pressed the synchronize button from your codea dropbox folder? Then the image should be in you dropbox in applications/codea/ folder.

Thanks got it working