saveLocalData/readLocalData on 1.4.6

Does anyone else have issues with the new update regarding saveLocalData/readLocalData?

Before I updated, my current project saved and read local data just fine but since updating, either the save or the read is not working. I have added several thousand lines of code since then but none pertaining to the save and read functions (that I know of).

I can try it in a new test project when I get time but was wondering if anyone else had similar issues.


Do you have a small sample that produces incorrect results? This would be helpful for us to isolate this potential bug.

I had something in a previous post related to saving a binary zero…Keebo, is it possible that you might be doing something similar, saving binary?

User error. I inadvertently changed the location where the saved/read data is displayed. It took me a while to find it but am happy to report that it is working properly here.

Sorry for the confusion.