Save image of running screen (camera button in parameter panel) crashes on iPad mini (2), iOS 12

only the ‘Save’ option crashes, saving as project’s image, or posting to Twitter seems to work. (e.g. from Mandelbrot project or copy.) Apologies if reported already, but I couldn’t find mention. I’m newly back to Codea, so can’t say whether it worked prior to iOS 12 update on iPad mini. I know it did work on iPad 2.

@kfin63 @Simeon I tried the save option of camera and it crashed for me also on my iPad Air and iPad Pro. Both are on the latest beta and iOS 11.4.1 .

@kfin63 , @dave1707 - I raised this issue some time ago. I have had to use screen capture through iOS to get images. I suggested removing the option as feature could be covered by iOS.

@Bri_G I didn’t do a search to see if it was reported yet because kfin63 said he did a search. I just tried it to see if it was a problem for me also on the 2 ipad I have. Maybe it’s already fixed in the next release to come out.

apologies, I do see it’s already reported (issue #409 in issue tracker.) I think video recording still worked for me, and the other image save options also work, but see what you mean @Bri_G , there are iOS options for both

@kfin63 - No apologies needed,always better to check the forum and issues list.

@Bri_G @kfin63 Sometimes when you do a forum search you don’t find what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s because you’re not using the correct search word, or maybe the search returns too much for you to look thru. There have been many times where I’ve searched for a discussion I wrote but I just can’t find it. As for the issue list, not everyone who reports a problem even knows about the list. Maybe there should be a sticky post for the current version that stays at the top of the discussions to post things like errors or requests for something new.