save image as spritepack?

If we can’t have a way to add our own spritepacks in Codea (presumably as part of the project) - can we have a way to save an image to a spritepack? We can kinda sorta do this anyway by encoding the image (by reading it pixel by pixel, ugh), saving it as persistent data, then reading it back in and building it (again, pixel by pixel). Ugly, slow.

Ideally, a “sprites” tab that lets us grab images, perhaps with a web browser, would be ideal, along with code that lets us write sprites to that tab (so i could render something to a sprite, save it to the sprites tab, then use it from there on out with sprite() for speed).

Requested a lot. For the fun of it, I’ll mock up my idea of it. Just a sec (or day).

If we had a function along the lines of saveSprite(sprite name, pack name) it would be much easier to use your own images in projects.

I’m just curiouse why everybody wants to make sprite packs thru code. When I get a chance, I’ll mock up the process of making a sprite pack in Codea.

It’s a combination of wanting to stay in Codea to hobby code, compactness, and style.

I support going outside of Codea, it just isn’t my preference.

I support better graphics via import but at a certain level if your just mocking up a program, if you really want to pursue it, it’s time to get a real graphics designer.

On style a very accurate airplane (aka aeroplane) can be imported or if you limit yourself to Codea you get something more nataligic and unique.

    stroke(127, 127, 127, 255)
    line(110,105,195,105) --top fus
    line(100,100,185,100) --mid fus   
    line(105,95,165,95) --low fus
    line(125,92.5,150,92.5) --top eng
    line(140,87.5,150,87.5) --low eng

Sometimes it is fun with the challenge of graphics in the days of DOS and stuff (if only I lived back then. I’m only in middle school).

it’s about choice, and about not having to stick with the old days of DOS stuff. I was there. Trust me - you wouldn’t want to trade.

I agree. But challenges are good every once in a while.

I was introduced to programming with QBasic on a DOS emulator in the Mac called DOSBox. I had a little fun… It was onoying though.