Save data to url with http.request

Well, with OAuth needing SSL, I’m out of luck with posting to Dropbox. Too bad…

I’m looking right now into using Amazon Web Services DynamoDB as a way to do this - it’s a NoSQL database with a RESTful interface (meaning you can talk to it with the Codea http.get stuff) - and it looks like for most hobby usage it will fall into the “Free” category. The one thing I can’t figure out is how to make it do a high score list - and I haven’t dug into it much.

Update: I have basic LUA-coded dropbox integration enabled with App folders (didn’t try PUBLIC ones yet). Once I simplify the code (and back it up to DropBox vs. GIT) I’ll post it.

@Simeon, Here’s an inconvienence - when loading a JPG via HTTP (and probably any image type), Codea converts it to an image(). The problem - I want to read the RAW JPG/GIF/PNG and copy it, but since I can’t seem to get to the RAW data, I can’t do a copy.

Is there some override that allows me to get the unconverted HTTP result for something like a JPG so I can do a copy?