Safe to update to iOS 8.1?

I read that people were having problems with Codea on iOS 8 when it released, so I stayed at iOS7 on my development iPad. I need to get testflight on my development iPad but its iOS 8 only. Any of you guys running iOS 8.1 able to tell me how Codea runs? Crashing? Any problems?

I would be interested also. I’m still on iOS 7 and waiting to upgrade. iOS 8 is taking 4.1 gb of memory sitting there waiting to be installed.

I’m on iOS 8.0.2 with no difficulties. I hadn’t seen that 8.1 was out, but now that I’ve checked then I’m installing …

I’ll keep you posted.

I’m on 8.02 and the last release version of Codea, and have been running heavy duty graphics with no problems.

However, on several occasions, Codea freezes while I’m typing a forum response, and I’ve had to forcibly close it. This could be something that the current beta solves - or not…

Update to 8.1 gone through, Codea launched and project run with no problems.

Obviously, too early to say anything about long-term issues.

The update will be out soon to fix all the bugs with iOS 8, don’t worry.