I put this under questions as I couldn’t find an appropriate category, its not really a codea question, sorry.

I know guys know a lot of apps and see whats going on the app store so I want to ask
has any of you seen something like an RPG Maker for ios?

(I don’t mean huge complex stuff like Morrowind, Baldurs Gate, Bastion or Ravensword!)

Think of early to mid 1980’s rpgs like the early Ultimas and the goldbox SSI games.

If you know of such an app, I’d be grateful if you could tell me.

Thanks guys.

Someone, can’t remember who, was making an awesome RPG maker. Not finished yet either but it looks like it’s exactly what you want. Search rpg maker in the search bar above start new discussion.

Look at @zapaper RPG maker I think it is what you wanted.

@Slashin8r made a cool RPGenerator project but decided to abandon it (I think), if you want you could look at its most recent version, though.

Thanks but I don’t want to do any programming (me and codea don’t get on), I just wanted an app that I could do the fun stuff with. I guess theres no such app, a shame as I think it would sell well.

k, thanks

@Mene, if you looked at the project I mentioned, you would see that it doesn’t require any programming. it is all drag and drop to make an rpg.