Rgb precision ?


I would like to store calculation from a shader (an array of vec2(float,float).
To store the result I currently use setcontext(myresult) to output it in a texture.
But I’m limited by the precision of the color buffer, I would love to store floats.
I already tried to use 2 channel to improve precision (but encounter problem when re-reading the alpha values)
Does anyone has a idea to do it in another way?
Is it possible to increase precision of a displayed texture?


As far as I’m aware it isn’t possible to increase the precision, and as you’ve learnt then using the alpha channel is dubious.

You could (sort of) run the shader twice and store first one level of precision and then the second in two different textures. For input you can have up to 8 textures (I think) so this is a reasonable way to do it (although writing out to lots of textures can get slow). Or you could have one big texture and divide it into segments for storing the different pieces of the data.