Renaming a tab does not delete the file in Files

Attached to Working Copy, I renamed a tab (and the class inside). Working Copy then showed both the new file and the old one, with the new one changed (to contain all the contents). I committed that.

Then to see what was in Files, I looked. When I short-clicked the project, it opened in Codea and showed both the old tab and the renamed tab. I deleted the old one.

Working Copy then showed the file as deleted. I committed again.

I suggest that when Codea renames a tab, it needs to delete the old file. I can imagine that I’m wrong about that, but if it doesn’t, then it should probably produce a new tab with the new name and keep the old one there. There may be details that I don’t understand: there usually are. :slight_smile:


You are totally right about this behaviour. Rename is not renaming the file on disk. I’ll change this for 2.6.3.