Remove "Made with Codea" in Vidéo

Hello, sorry if this has already been answered but I didn’t find out how to hide the “Made with Codea” mention when recording a video in Codea.
Not that I don’t want to mention it, because I love Codea and I’m happy to promote it, but it’s not really convenient. Can we at least make it smaller ?
I’m exporting videos from Codea, and I import them into the “8mm” app, and re-exporting to use them in a “VJ” set. The result is nice, I might post some videos here, but it would be great to get rid of this big inscription…

You could just test your app on your ,ac with the Xcode iPhone simulator and record it with the popular developer preview recording app ‘Screenflow’

There’s a way to remove it. Simeon posted it awhile back. I’ll see which file to remove if I can find it.

If you look into Codea files via iExplorer for example, you can find this image and replace it with image you want.

ok thanks! i will try to find that file (as I mainly work on the iPad), but is it possible on a not jailbroken iPad?

It is, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPad to use iExplorer.

Hi. I’m new to Codea (and to programming really) and found this thread through a google search. It really helped me. I was just wondering though: does the video recording function work in projects running outside of Codea (eg in an exported Xcode project) and, also, is it possible to record with sound?

Both these things would really help with something I’m trying to do!

Recording does work in exported apps generated through XCode.

I used iExplorer to do this (I also suggested this a while back).

@ScottDafydd Welcome to the Codea Forums! I believe sound from your Codea project is recorded too, but I’m not sure.

Side note: If you find a discussion like this through something like Google, it tends to be pretty old. This one was created over 8 months ago. Try and not bump them back up. If you have another question related to the dead thread, it’s usually better to PM the original author, or create a new discussion.

@SkyTheCoder - I don’t think it does, unless I’m doing something wrong.