Red error line sometimes above where error is

@Simeon in codea 2.3, The error line marked by the red flag is above the line in error.
To see the problem, run @SkyTheCoder Flickable touch github code.

The error is tween.delay(0,… in two place but the error line is in a return statement.

ipad air, ios 8.2, CODEA 2.3 production version

I am having this same issue and it’s making it a lot harder to debug.

iPad Mini, iOS 8.3, Codea 2.3.1(47)

if you’re copying code from the codea website, it might be because a hidden line return is being copied.

All my code is self-written; the red line is just appearing a few lines above my errors.

there might be a few lines offset from the accurate error line?