Recording Mic Audio

Hello forum,

I was wondering whether there was an implementation for recording the mic’s audio? I am creating an app that is used for interviewing and this feature may make the interview simpler by not requiring them to use the native app.

Also, how do i lock the orientation of my app to portrait all the time? I dont want the orientation to change at all.

I’ve tried supportedOrientations(PORTRAIT) but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

@archistudent The supportedOrientations should be before setup() like the code below. Also, I don’t think there’s any code for the mic at this time.

function setup()


i’ve tried putting it everywhere, but when i tilt my ipad, the whole screen still rotates. any idea why this may be?

@archistudent If I do the above orientation in my code, I can rotate the screen all the way around, but the display still remains fixed. I’m not sure what you’re doing.

@archistudent If function setup() isn’t the first function in your code, then put the supportedOrientations(PORTRAIT) at the start of your code before any functions.