Quick note on iOS 8 security

I keep forgetting to post about this on the forums, but here it is:
Many people here (including me) have been worked about security of Lua code on iOS apps, since it’s not compiled/encoded and anybody can just look at the code. However, developers rejoiced in iOS 6 when Apple restricted people from even editing the application folder, preventing people modifying your app (unless they’re jailbroken).
Now, in iOS 8, the application folder is completely hidden from everyone. Nobody can see your Lua code anymore. So, if you’re worried about security, simply require people to use iOS 8 on your application, and your code will be hidden away (unless someone finds a jailbreak for iOS 8, which I really hope they don’t).

@Zoyt, there will be a jailbreak. Some how, some way, there will be a jailbreak.

(might take longer since one of the most talented jailbreakers [geohot] switched to android rooting)

Does this mean iExplorer won’t be able to view my apps? I always back up my apps to my Mac before I delete them (which I do a lot, I need storage) in case if I ever want the app and all my data back again (which has happened several times).

@SkyTheCoder - You can still edit and view the Documents folder and any other folder.
@JakAttak - I agree, but it just makes me so angry they insist on continuing to do jailbreaks after iOS 8. What else will they add? FFS. Jailbreaking is almost completely now just for pirating, and not much more, which really makes me angry.

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@NatTheCoder, we know. But some of us (@Zoyt and myself for example) have the beta. @Zoyt is kindly sharing some information about something that will change when it is released, which many people will be happy about.

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@NatTheCoder when the time comes you’ll end up having to purchase a developers account/license from Apple. This allows you to sign in to the iOS dev center and download the betas. You can also get the betas without a developer account, look it up.

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@NatTheCoder $99 I think.

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@NatTheCoder there are some websites in which you pay them £10/$10 whatever, give them your udid and they will give you the beta

@NatTheCoder make a good game, but the license then try to turn over a profit, then buy the 2DS? Think about making money more than spending money.

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@NatTheCoder no need to wait, you can start making your app now. By the time you’ve got your games you’ll be on your way.