Question list

  • microphone
  • making keyboards in random position, and other colors
  • Setting the in-app openURL to other color, other button looks
  • How to move the buttons (which are not existing in fullscreenNoButtons) - The buttons, how to move them to right, or to up
  • How to move the output/parameters IO to right?
  • Why io.print does not work?
  • Why it’s called Codea and not iCode?

No answers how to use? ;-(

If you spent as much time learning Codea as you do asking for things to be moved three inches to the right, you would be an expert by now.

Why don’t you just accept that Codea is the way it is, and just enjoy playing with it? The rest of us feel very lucky that Two Lives Left have made such a fantastic tool, and we don’t worry about little things like which side the print output is on.

PS it’s called Codea because TLL is planning a series of programming tools, so the first one is Codea, the next one is going to be called Codeb, the next will be Codec, and so on :wink:

Codes too? And the next will be c# or what? I enjoy programming! You may will understand that Codea arrays is bad:
Codec (add S) (same with Codek),