Question about fonts and rects

I am trying to make a simple roguelike for my first codea project. I draw my map, then I draw a box over where the player is (to obscure the map tile), then I draw the player. I am doing text for graphics in true roguelike fashion, but It seems if I draw text and a rect at the same coordinates the text sits lower than the rect. Is this normal? I have textMode and rectMode set to center. Tiles are 15x15 and font size is 15. Is the text center normally just a little lower than it should be?

Correction, the text is HIGHER than the rect given the same coords.

Test size is in points. The rect size is in pixels.

To get an accurate measure of how big your text is, try using w, h = textSize(“Your Text Here”). The values returned in w and h will tell you how many pixels the text will actually use.

You’ll also have to recall that the text can be aligned (vertically and horizontally) based on a couple of different schemes. I often find that using CORNER instead of CENTER helps with getting text just where I want it.