querying current fill()

For my polygon drawing stuff for image() - I’d like to honor the current fill() or nofill() settings.

Is there a way to get the r,g,b,a of the current fill setting?

Ah there isn’t at the moment, however I’ll make it work as follows in the next update:

r,g,b,a = fill()

So graphics state functions with no arguments will return the current state.

Currently ellipseMode() / rectMode() and spriteMode() work this way.

how would nofill() show up - just a zero alpha? (The idea is to draw a filled polygon, unless you did nofill() in which case you get an unfilled poly)

for now, I’m just doing named parameters… or maybe I’ll make an imagefill() workalike.)

I believe noFill() is just an alias for fill(0,0,0,0)