Putting your own spin on things..(with Emojis)

When creating playing cards, the diamonds are always red, and the clovers are always Black, I’m trying to change the Emoji diamond color to blue and the clover to green, but no dice…So I’ve found another diamond and clover in the Emoji collection, but the diamond is kind of sloppy, the wingding collection has a diamond (the Letter “t”), could this be used inside of codea ? Or are you limited to the fonts they list ?

@kendog400 The diamonds are always RED and the clovers are always BLACK because that’s the way they are in a normal deck of cards. Once you get a spritesheet with the cards you want, you can write a program the can replace any color in the spritesheet with any other color.

Try to keep all your card game discussions in the same discussion.

Apple Emojis will not upload on this fourm, soon as you put an apple Emoji it stops right there…