Pushstyle and Popstyle

Ok so I read the unofficial bride to codes by ignatz but I’m still a little confused on the Pushstyle and popstyle. Like so if I were to set background and color1, add Pushstyle, set color2, draw a circle, popstyle, draw a square the square will be color1 right? Like Pushstyle saves all info already written down (fill, background, stroke, stroke width) so it allows you change things and do something with the changes the pretty much erase the changes you made and reset it to the original color and stuff that was saved on Pushstyle


@Mark.T The easiest way to verify things are to try them. In the draw routine, do the things you’re describing. If they don’t work, try different things. That’s the way you’ll understand how things work. pushStyle saves stuff and popStyle restores it.

I guess I should have just done that in the first place. I. Just learning about this coding for a high school class I’m taking. Thank you for responding so quickly