Providing Multiple Languages

Hi, I want to provide multiple languages for some of the text in my game (only about 50-75 words), but I’m not sure how I would implement that in Xcode and call that in Codea. If anyone could help that would be great. I just want to know how feasible it would be before I add the different text and functions inside my game in Codea. Thanks!

lua tables? oO

@YoloSwag this could be done through a Codea Addon. It shouldn’t be hard to write.

Basically you’d want to expose Cocoa’s NSLocalizedString( key ) function, and then use a Localizable.strings file in your Xcode project.

The Codea API could be as simple as:

localized("Some Localized String")

If no one else has a go at this I’ll look at adding it to the Codea-Addons git repo (