Project sharing feature?

“Due to a notification from Apple, Codea 1.2.7 removes the project sharing feature. We will work with Apple to try and make it available again in the future so you can share your creations.” - (from Codea Roadmap thread -

I’m curious what was apples problem with it and do you think it will make a return any time soon?

Apple is desperately afraid of someone setting up an alternative to the app store, for good reasons and for bad. So - they want to stop you from making an app and giving it to someone else. Having said that - they allow interpreters and native development, so they drew the line at “you can cut and paste code - but it has to be manual, not just a tap thing”.

I don’t count on them changing this soon, but I can dream. The current cut-and-paste stuff - where you can do a whole project easily enough - is a fair compromise.

Figures, and this from the company that came to market with the 1984 commercial. We’re going to free the world (and then lock them into ours). It’s good business practise as long as your customers don’t care I suppose…

Any plans on going Android anytime soon/ ever?

Yeah - I’ve commented on the 1984 stuff and “think different” before.

No - no plans on Android (Unless that was addressed to TLL - I don’t want to speak for them, but I suspect the answer is the same). Everything else aside, there are giant advantages to the iOS side that outweigh the disadvantages. Apple has never been kind to the developer - we’re not their target market. If you set aside the “I want to write my code and not follow your rules” theme, Apple’s ecosystem is really extraordinary; I have a computer, in my pocket, and I can download games and apps, on demand, often for free, with a tremendous selection, and basically zero worry about a virus or trojan. The apps and devices themselves are a joy to use.

Android - doesn’t quite stack up. Their app store is much smaller, far less trustworthy, and is filled with, frankly, garbage. Their dysfunctional relationship with the cellular providers means you’re unlikely to be able to upgrade to the latest platform, and between that and a plethora of different models, the market is fragmented. If there was no iphone - it’d be teh awesome. But - there is. (Yes - android has advantages as well - but none of them stack up to enough to entice me to switch…)

The heavy hand apple uses with developers is a blessing, and a curse.

Thanks for your thoughts Bortels, it’s rare to see such a well informed and balanced opinion on the matter. I hear you, the better life is within the matrix, but this does get me thinking about the future, not to mention my own alignment as a developer, why can’t we all just get along… :wink:

Meaby you can still do a sharing button which would direct users to the code sharing forum and enter their code in a specialised format to make sharing easier. Sounds like kind of a blury line to me, would 2 clicks be too easy, what about 3?

Not sure what kind of a priority this has, but I think it’s worth persuing for obvious reasons. First and foremost it would be a most excellent addition to Codea and I wonder how far Apples jurisdiction reaches. It’s their store (their rules), but once you allow users to go out onto the WWW it’s anyones game right? Can they stop you from seeing a particular site? (actually I guess they probably can?)