The What’s New section includes, 'Support for custom project icons by saving an image to “Project:Icon” as an item. Could someone give me an example of how to do this with a sprite from Dropbox? Thanks.

As soon as I posted this message, I saw my error. This works:

    MyImage = readImage("Dropbox:Good-Monkey-Ava-1152-trimmed")
    saveImage("Project:Icon", MyImage)

I’ve beta tested the update and missed it as well.

I never knew you could put a custom icon on a project, should have read the what’s new

This feature is particularly useful to me as I’ve installed Codea on several iPads at school and will be putting projects that the students and I are developing on the iPads so they can tinker with the code. Having the custom icon makes the project much easier for young folks to locate.